Blackjack Players Choice is a unique variation of the classic Blackjack card game that adds an extra level of exciting strategy for keen players of this casino favourite. Its novel gameplay brings you the opportunity to gain useful intelligence to pick a good hand from one of five possible options, and potentially valuable knowledge of the hand you'll have to beat! From then on you are head–to–head with the dealer to achieve a winning hand value without busting the magic 21.



The ultimate aim of Blackjack Players' Choice is to hold a hand value that beats the dealer but without exceeding 21. Card values are as indicated on the card with the exceptions that all picture cards (King, Queen and Jack) score '10' and Aces can be counted as either '1' or '11' to achieve the best result. Ahead of any cards being dealt, you must place a bet after which five sets of two–card hands will be dealt blind (i.e. face down) on the Blackjack Players' Choice table. The value of these hands is then displayed in a random order in the display at the top of the screen. Any hand containing an Ace will be counted with the Ace valued at '11' and the total indicated as a soft number. (e.g. a hand of A 5 will be indicated as a 'Soft 16'). You may then press any one of the five hands to reveal its top card. This gives you a unique chance to consider the potential strength of that hand and – if you like its chances – choose it to play on with. If it seems weak to you, you can opt to reject that hand then press to select one of the four remaining alternatives on the table. With your hand selected you may then press on one of the remaining hands on the table to choose the dealer' s cards too. With your respective hands selected the dealer' s top card is revealed and you then proceed to play in accordance with the basic rules of traditional Blackjack.

Step–by–Step Guide to Play

Step 1: To place a bet, press on a chip, this will add the value of that chip to your bet - each additional press on a chip adds its value to your bet. Continue pressing on the chips till you have reached the value of the bet that you would like to place. The moment a chip is placed on the table you will see two option buttons pop up on screen. One allows you to clear all placed chips if you want to begin again, whilst the DEAL button starts the game once you are happy with the stake that you have placed. Once the game has started no further chips may be placed on the table.

Step 2: Five sets of two cards each will be dealt face down (blind) onto the table, and the values of the five hands are displayed in random order at the top of the table. Any soft values (i.e. the hand includes at least one Ace) are indicated with an asterisk. You may then press on one of the five hands to turn over to its top card.

Step 3: With the one upcard shown you may now have some useful intelligence as to the possible hand value and now have two options appear on the right hand side of the screen; you may opt to play that hand by pressing on the top button, or discard it by pressing on the bottom button. If you discard you have the option to choose one of the four remaining blind hands on the table, however this next choice will become your hand.

Step 4: With your hand selected from the five original possibilities you now choose the dealer's cards from the remaining hands on the table.

Step 5: With your respective hands chosen both your cards will now be revealed together with the top card of the dealer's hand. The other rejected hands are now cleared from the table face down.

Step 6: Armed with the knowledge of your hand's actual value and the potential value you may have to beat to beat the dealer, you can opt to take a further card ('HIT') or stick with that hand if you think its current value can win ('STAND'). Two buttons appear on screen to let you make these choices. N.B. You may HIT your hand as many times as you like, but exceeding 21 will bust your hand and automatically lose the game.

Step 7: Once you are satisfied with your hand's value, choosing to STAND will put the dealer's hand into play. The dealer's single blind card will be revealed and the dealer will play their hand according to fixed rules (see Dealer's Rule below).

Step 8: In the event that the dealer busts or fails to beat your hand you win the game. If the dealer ties with your hand value half your original stake is returned to you and the game ends.

Step 9: In the event that your two–card hand totals 21 (Blackjack) it cannot be beaten. The dealer can only tie with Blackjack if they too hold a Blackjack hand. It should also be noted that if you achieve 21 with three or more cards, a dealer Blackjack will beat that hand and not tie with it.

Step 10: At the conclusion of a game any winnings are credited to your player account and two onscreen buttons appear with options to play a fresh game with a new or repeated bet.


Table Limits

Table limits are displayed bottom of the screen.


Blackjack Players' Choice is played with eight decks which are shuffled ahead of each new game. Each deck comprises the standard fifty two playing cards with no Jokers.

Dealer's Rule

The dealer in Blackjack Players' Choice is obliged to play to the following rule: the dealer must stand on any hand value of 17 or above (including 'soft' values), and plays to win or tie on hand values below 17 i.e. the dealer is not obliged to draw on values under 17 if they can tie or beat a player's hand  by standing.


All wins payout at 1/1.

All ties forfeit half the player's original stake.

No Surrender

Blackjack Players' Choice does not allow a player to surrender their hand. (Surrender, when offered, is an option to give up half your bet for the privilege of not playing out a hand if, for instance, you consider it to be very weak.)

No Split

Blackjack Players' Choice does not allow a player to split their hand. (Splitting, when offered, allows a player holding a hand containing two cards of identical value to split them, place an additional bet equal to their original stake then play two hands instead of one.)

No Doubling

Blackjack Players' Choice does not allow a player to double their bet for any hand value. (Doubling, when offered, allows players to double their original stake but restricts them to receiving only one more card.)

Malfunction Voids All Pays and Play

Any incomplete bets that are not settled within 90 days will be considered void and forfeited.

The return to player based on best strategy is 98.37%