Odd One In

Odd One In is an easy–to–learn game played with a standard deck of cards that gives you multiple Roulette–style ways to bet on the outcome of a two card deal – the basic Odd One In bet is for the two card values add up to any odd number, but there are plenty of ways to spice up your wagering with a neat selection of bet variations offering bigger wins for adventurous players!



The core bet to win with Odd One In is that the total value of two cards drawn from a standard deck of cards will be an odd number. Cards are counted as follows:

  • Aces count as 1
  • Picture cards count as 10
  • All other cards count as their face value
  • Ahead of the two cards being drawn you may make a wide selection of bets allowing the flexibility to choose combinations of more specific predictions to play for higher rewards (see below for more details of the Bet Types available and their respective payouts).

    All bets are forfeited on an even number result.

    Step–by–Step Guide to Play

    Step 1:Select a preferred chip value by clicking on the relevant chip from the rack at the bottom of the screen; the chip will pop–up indicating it is selected for betting. On the table you will see a layout of boxes, one for each of the possible bet types possible with Odd One In. As you mouse over each possible bet box the minimum and maximum possible bets on that event are shown and clicking will place the currently selected chip on that bet. To add more chips of the selected value simply click again as required – each click adds another chip. You may also mix chip values by returning to the chip rack to select an alternative value then clicking back in the betting zone to place it.

    The moment a chip is placed on the table you will see two option buttons pop up on screen. One allows you to clear all placed chips if you want to begin again, while the Deal button lets you start the game as soon as you are happy with your selection of bets. Only once the Deal button is clicked is your bet (or combination of bets) confirmed and no further chips can be placed on the table.

    Step 2:Two standard playing cards are dealt face up onto the table, and the combined value of the hand confirmed as the outcome.

    Step 3:Any winning bets you have made are confirmed and credited instantly to your player account.

    Step 4:Two option buttons appear at the conclusion of each game enabling you to conveniently rebet your previous selection of wagers or alternatively return to the table to make a new set of choices.


    Basic Bet
    Any odd number – Pays 1/1

    Colour Bets
    Any odd number and both cards black or red – Pays 7/1
    Any odd number and one card black, one red – Pays 3/1

    Suit Bet
    Any odd number and both cards same suit – Pays 30/1

    Big Number Bet
    Bet to win on 13, 15, 17 or 19 – Pays 5/2

    Small Number Bet
    Bet to win on 3, 5, 7, 9 or 11 – Pays 7/2

    Single Number Bets
    Bet to win on 3 – Pays 75/1
    Bet to win on 5 – Pays 35/1
    Bet to win on 7 – Pays 25/1
    Bet to win on 9 – Pays 18/1
    Bet to win on 11 – Pays 9/1
    Bet to win on 13 – Pays 10/1
    Bet to win on 15 – Pays 12/1
    Bet to win on 17 – Pays 15/1
    Bet to win on 19 – Pays 18/1

    Double Number Bets
    Bet to win on 3 or 5 – Pays 25/1
    Bet to win on 5 or 7 – Pays 15/1
    Bet to win on 7 or 9 – Pays 10/1
    Bet to win on 9 or 11 – Pays 11/2
    Bet to win on 11 or 13 – Pays 4/1
    Bet to win on 13 or 15 – Pays 5/1
    Bet to win on 15 or 17 – Pays 6/1
    Bet to win on 17 or 19 – Pays 8/1


    Table Limits

    Table limits are displayed in the Min / Max box positioned in the bottom right hand side of the screen.

    Individual bet options have their own bet limits which are indicated on the table when you mouse over them on the layout.


    Odd One In is played with a single deck which is shuffled ahead of each new game. The deck comprises the standard fifty–two playing cards with no Jokers.