Game Rules and Help

Chance To Win

This Game has an RTP of 94.04%

To help you understand the chance you have of winning money while playing this game we use a value called the return to player (RTP). This means that this game will over a statistically large number of spins pay out on average 94.04 for each 100.00 staked. This is not a promise that it will pay out this amount every time, some people will win more than this amount some people will win less as this game determines its payout each spin using a UK certified random number generator(RNG), so over a large enough number of spins payouts will tend towards this level of return.


The outcome of each spin in this game is randomly determined in accordance with the advertised rules. The outcome of any one spin will not affect the outcome of any other spin. This game behaves fairly and has been independently tested to ensure it functions in accordance with the UK Gambling Commission regulations.

Maximum Liability

Deadworld has a maximum prize of 10000.00 for any given bet cycle

The maximum prize Deadworld will pay out in any given bet cycle is limited. Any prize over the maximum amount that would be won will instead be reduced down to this maximum value

The maximum prize that can be won on any one line in Deadworld is cash value of 1250.00 (500 coins for 5 skeletons with 5 coin multiplier and a coin value of 0.50).

The Highest prizes can generally be found in the bonus round

Guide to Betting

This game is based on the stake of coins which, while being a bit more complicated, gives you the option to customise how much you are betting far more easily.

You have two balances visible in game:

At the top in the middle you have the balance of your account in real world money.

Next to the PAYTABLE button you also have the number of coins available which is your balance converted into Coins.

These are there to help you see how much changing the coin value affects the amount of money you have to bet with to ensuring you are not mislead into betting more than you want.

The 'Bet' value next to the betting options indicates how many coins you are spending when you press 'Spin'.

In Deadworld you can not alter the number of win lines from 50 but you can alter the amount you bet in two other ways, the number of coins bet on each win line (COINS) and the value of the coins being used(COIN VALUE). To calculate your bet value you multiply these values together:

50 LINES x COINS = Bet amount in Coins

50 LINES x COINS x COIN VALUE = Bet amount in Cash

To determine the amount you have won from the coin value displayed on screen you use the following formula:

Coins Won x Coin Value = Cash Value won

The coins per line will have already been included in the number of coins won.


The Paytable describes all the different prizes that are available in the game.


This button allows you to access the 'Game Help and Rules' pages.


The Speaker button will allow you to toggle off or on the sound.


This button confirms your bet and spins the reels to determine your prize, once selected this is not cancellable or refundable except in the case of malfunction.

How to Win

There are two types of win - Normal wins, Bonus wins.

You win a normal win by matching symbols on selected win lines. All symbols must be matched on consecutive reels from left to right. Only the highest win on each line will be paid.

Bonus wins are triggered if enough of the symbols appear anywhere in view. These also pay a bonus win if they are on a win line. They do not need to be on consecutive reels from left to right in order to pay the bonus prize.


Wild symbols will substitute for any prize symbol except Bonus symbols. They will always act so as to pay the highest possible prize on any given win line.


The Bonus Round is triggered if you get 3 or more bonus symbols anywhere in view.

In addition to triggering the Bonus Round it pays a prize if the Bonus symbols are anywhere on a win line they do not need to be on consecutive reels from left to right to win this prize. This additional prize will pay as: x3=20; x4=50; x5=300.

The bonus round will show a two rows of Zombies, You have limited ammunition in your firearm, the number of bullets you have left is shown in the bottom left hand corner. In order to determine your bonus win you have to shoot the Zombies. As you shoot them you will be rewarded with either coins in the bottom right or a reload of bullets to let you keep on shooting. When you fire your last bullet you will collect your winnings and exit the feature.